• Domaine du Château

    4, rue van der Meulen

Domaine du Château

Located in Dommeldange one of the most beautiful neighborhood in Luxembourg, ‘Domaine Du Château’ is an exceptional Luxurious residential building. This brand new project consists of 10 phenomenal Duplexes with 4 Bedrooms and 7 remarkable high quality Apartments with 1-3 Bedrooms. Spacious modern entrance of the building gives a welcoming first impression and introduces the luxury level of life to visitors. The superb view from ‘Domaine Du Château’ opens to a beautifully designed court yard and a peaceful lounging area. Thanks to its exceptional location in the heart of the hill and its large and spacious balconies, the building offers a unique and eye-catching view of the surrounding protected forests and unparalleled view of 17th century ‘Château de Dommeldange’. ‘Domaine Du Château’ is not only a unique building in Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, but also an admirable jewel on the crown of ‘Royal Properties’. She provides residents with an opportunity to experience an exclusive and tranquil life with its high level of quality and numerous amenities.



Total Area built

11.830 m²


10 Duplexes with 4 Bedrooms, 7 Apartments with 1-3 Bedrooms


Association Momentanée ABT